How Much Does It Cost to Clean a 4000 Square-Foot House?

Use this free tool to calculate how much it cost to clean a 4000 square foot house.

At nearly 6 hours a week, cleaning your house consumes a lot of your time, energy, and money. If you work full-time, there’s nothing worse than coming home only to have to clean the house. Worse still, if you own a 4000 square-foot house!

4000 Sq Ft House Cleaning Cost

National Average Cost $260
High Cost $490+
Low Cost $203

Janitorial Service Cost Guide

Have you considered hiring house cleaners to clean your house?

Aside from removing dirt, professional cleaners sanitize areas of your home to stop bacteria and prevent viruses from spreading.

Find out the residential cleaning costs associated with a 4000 square-foot house today.

How much would it cost you to hire cleaning services for a 4000 square foot house? Is it affordable? Janitorial Service Bids can answer these questions.

Calculate the Cost by Cleaning Type

Service Cleaning Cost
Bathroom Scrubbing & Cleaning $0.09–$0.15 per sq. ft
Floor Vacuuming & Shampooing $0.07–$0.14 per sq. ft
Kitchen & Appliance Cleaning $0.26–$0.81 per sq. ft
Baseboard Cleaning $0.07–$0.13 per sq. ft
Window Cleaning $2.00–$3.87 per window

Types of House Cleaning Services

Did you know you can pay for different types of house cleaning?

What service you choose will depend on the level of cleaning required, whether you have children or pets, and the purpose of the cleaning.

Take a look at the different house cleaning services to determine which one is best for you.

House Cleaning Services Cost

Standard Cleaning Prices For 4,000 Square Foot House

If you’re working full-time and need extra help around the home, standard cleaning is an ideal option for $45-$115 per hour. Homeowners should have their homes cleaned regularly by professionals to avoid any unwanted surprises later on. A standard clean includes things like vacuuming floors; mopping bathrooms & kitchens where blood has been spilled (not just usual spills), and dusting shelves underneath furniture items like bookshelves–all while making sure windows are washed properly with soap suds applied manually outside if needed to0.

The service includes:

  • Mopping
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Emptying trash
  • Cleaning sinks, faucets, mirrors, appliances, and toilets
  • Making the bed
  • General cleaning

Vacation homes in need of basic cleaning before you spend the summer in it may want to use this level of cleaning service, too.

Deep Cleaning Prices for 4000 Sq Ft House

The average deep clean price in the United States is around $90 per hour. Increasingly powerful deep cleaning services are essential to maintaining the home’s cleanliness. This process not only removes dirt and germs, but also any remaining UV rays that could damage your possessions or cause skin irritations for family members who live in it.

The service includes:

  • Emptying trash and sanitizing trash cans
  • Vacuuming, cleaning, and making beds
  • Remove scale and soap scum
  • A deep dusting of doors and baseboards
  • Washing the home’s interior windows
  • Cleaning window frames and interior patio doors
  • Cleaning appliances, including oven and glass doors

For some cleaning services, this is the bare minimum. Scrubbing grout, disinfecting doorknobs, and polishing furniture are a few more areas a deep cleaning will do.

Deep cleaning typically takes longer than a standard cleaning service, especially if you schedule the service for your entire home.

Home Cleaning Service

Move-Out Cleaning Prices for 4000 Sq Ft Home

Nationally, move-out cleaning services cost between $260-$562. Are you ready to move out of your home?

You deserve to have the best moving experience possible, which is why you may consider a premium move-out service. Specialists will come in and clean your new or old home from top-to-bottom before you even move out for good. This way there are no worries about dirt or dust residue left behind by former renters – it’ll be spotless just as you should expect.

A lot goes into making sure every customer receives personalized care at their own custom rate, but don’t worry because everything gets taken care of for you.

This service includes:

  • Complete cleaning of walls and cabinets
  • Deep cleaning of appliances and bathrooms
  • Wiping down windows, baseboards, and doors
  • Vacuuming floors

This is a perfect option for those that don’t have the materials or don’t have the time to clean after they have moved out.