How Much Do Fitness Center Cleaning Services Cost?

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In general, fitness center cleaning services will cost between $221-$366, or $0.10-$0.21 per square foot, with the actual cost being determined by the services required.

  • $0.10 and $0.21 per square foot for regular cleaning
  • $0.14 and $0.25 per square foot for deep cleaning

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If you’re looking for a fitness center cleaning service that offers great value and exceptional customer care, then it’s important to find professionals who will work with your budget. This guide from Janitorial Service Bids explains how much office cleaning services cost, such as:

  • Fitness center cleaning cost per square foot
  • Health club and Gym cleaning rates per day, week, month

With our range of services, we can create the clean and healthy environment you’re fitness center is looking for. Whether it be through air purification systems or interior design initiatives; no one at your gym or health clud will ever have trouble breathing in your office again.

Gym and Fitness Center Cleaning Price Table

Building Size – Square Feet Cleaning Cost Low-High
0–1,700 sq. ft $200–$382
1,701–3,200 sq. ft $208–$400
3,201–6,500 sq. ft $410–$499
6,501–10,000 sq. ft $438–$60
10,001–40,000 sq. ft $600–$977


We know that your customers expect a clean and healthy space in which to exercise. That’s why we provide highly professional, up-to-date fitness center cleaning services for any health club or gym with challenges of this nature.

Gym owners know the importance of maintaining cleanliness in order to protect both their customers and employees. That’s why we offer our services, which deliver a  fair price on measurable results you can feel & see.

Fitness Center Cleaning Services are Affordable

The bacteria and fungus that grow in fitness centers can cause a variety of infections, from food poisoning to respiratory problems. To protect yourself as well as others who may enter your facility for work or play you need deep cleaning services on an ongoing basis so this does not happen.

Our solution will connect you with up to three janitorial companies in your area to help you get the best, most affordable price without sacrificing quality.

Expert Office Cleaning Service Cost

A reliable cleaning service will make your facility a healthier space. Our professionals know how to keep everything clean and sanitized, so you can focus on providing members with the best experience possible!

  • General cleaning services
  • Equipment cleaning services
  • Free cleaning consultations
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Shower cleaning
  • Disinfecting

Gym owners who fail to keep their gyms sanitary risk ruining expensive equipment and making customers sick. Take the hassle out of maintaining your fitness center by hiring our professionals for cleaning services now, so you can focus on other important business concerns such as growing revenue.

Gym Cleaning Services – Done Right

  • The facility should be clean and organized. With Anago, you can customize your schedule of cleaning based on priorities or budget – all in one place!
  • By regularly disinfecting your gym equipment and free weights, you can help prevent the spread of germs. Foreman Pro Cleaning uses safe products to protect our clientele from harmful bacteria while they work out.
  • Keeping your restroom looking spic and span is our job. Our team cleans toilets, showers, and sinks as well as provides you with all of the consumable supplies like paper towels or trash cans that may be needed for an eventful day at work.
  • Our partners will make sure your showers and change rooms are always clean by providing a high level of sanitation. They take pride in their work to provide an environment free from bacteria, so you can enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Cleaner Gyms and Fitness Centers, Safer Environments

Maintaining high standards in personal fitness takes commitment and goals. Without a plan for achieving them the right results are hard to realize- same with janitorial services! We have an easy way through: we want our customers’ facilities clean and well maintained so they can focus on running their business while we take care of all of it.

  • Floor Scrubbing
  • Vacuuming
  • Washing windows

The first impression you create for your customers when they walk through the door is important not only because of how it will make them feel but also what this tells other potential clients about yourself. Your membership numbers reflect an expert job well done by all who work there, so keep up appearances.

How Much Does Fitness Center Cleaning Cost per Day?

Compare Commercial Cleaning Costs

Some businesses only require one-time cleaning. For a one-time gym cleaning service, you can expect to pay anywhere between $200 to $650. Here are estimates:

  • 0–1000 square feet: $189
  • 1000–2000 square feet: $160
  • 3000–4000 square feet: $247
  • 5000–6000 square feet: $290
  • 7000-8000 square feet: $367
  • 9000–10000 square feet: $466

Prices vary depending on the services needed, how many employees are required, and how dirty the space is.

Gyms are supposed to be a place of health and wellness, but when germs run rampant they can promote unneeded illness. The heavy traffic throughout the day results in an inevitable spread of bacteria that might not have been there otherwise – do you want this at your fitness center?

With our nationwide fitness center cleaning service for fitness centers, we ensure that your facility is always clean and safe. Our staff of experienced professionals handles all types from bacteria growth to heavy-duty dirt so you don’t have to worry about it.

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