Cost to Professionally Clean Wood Floors

How Much Does It Cost to Professionally Clean Wood Floors?

The national average cost to clean wood floors ranges from $0.35 – $0.49 per square foot. Use our calculator to get costs from cleaning companies near you.


Did you know that more than half of the homes in the United States have wooden floors? Clean wood floors are a necessity in these homes, but how can you keep such upkeep? Having a professional cleaning service is one of the best ways you can take care of the maintenance!

If you’ve been looking into the prices of a janitorial service, we’re here to help. Read on to learn the cost of hiring professionals to give you nice, clean wood floors.

Hiring Professional Floor Cleaners

Let’s get one thing out of the way immediately: there’s no exact price for cleaning your wooden floors. The price can range depending on an enormous variety of factors!

Office Cleaning Cost

To that end, we’ll endeavor to show you a good ballpark you can suggest when hiring. If you’d like exact prices, we can happily offer you a quote. Quotes change depending on house cleaning service or our office cleaning services, but we can get your price much more exact that way!

Shop Around

One of the first things you can do to affect the price of your future cleaning service is not to settle. If you’re in a rush, it can feel like you need to book a professional cleaning as soon as possible.

When that happens, you might simply search for a cleaning service and call it a day. Your appointment is booked, the cleaners are coming, and the problem is solved. Unfortunately, in your haste, you booked an inferior company and now your floors are still dirty after they’ve left!

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Search around for the company that offers everything you need.

Take Recommendations

While shopping around, you shouldn’t treat it as a one-person effort. You’re far from the only person to have gotten their wood floors cleaned, after all. Instead, you should lean on the recommendations of others in your search!

Janitorial Service Bids

You can find countless reviews for cleaning services online. These can also help you see the cost or rates ahead of time so you know what’s within your budget.

These reviews will help you see what companies are professional and trustworthy as well. It’s important to go for a company with workers that behave themselves professionally and politely. After all, you’re inviting these people into your house, so having people that set you on edge come to clean your floors isn’t a comfortable choice.

The same is true if you’re having an office cleaned. Having a trustworthy and reputable company for this task is a must. Do your research to make sure the company you’re hiring is one that you can trust.

To that end, you should also ask others for recommendations directly. Reviews are fine, but they can be a bit sterile, and you can never truly know who left them.

You can find a much more trustworthy opinion simply by asking the people you trust. Other homeowners – or office owners – that have hired wood cleaning services are your best bet. Getting a recommendation from them is important, and you may even find out who you should avoid.


Weigh Prices

While it’s difficult to say exactly what cleaning might cost, you can often take a decent guess. For example, we give a rough estimate as to what our services will cost for an office or home, which you can find here.

Compare Commercial Cleaning Costs

Search other companies to see if they’re transparent about their prices. If a company hides their prices from you, there’s a high chance they know you won’t like them.

Transparency can help you see what a company values as well. Some may even tell you their exact cleaning methods and what you should expect when they get there.

If you have several companies that show you their prices, you can usually weigh them against each other and take a pick. Just keep in mind that a lower price won’t always mean a better deal. In the same vein, a more expensive cleaning isn’t always a better one.

Make Sure They Fit!

When it comes to a wood cleaning service, the size of the property is important. Many of these companies will charge by the square foot. If you’re looking into a company’s prices, knowing the size of your property can help you gauge a rough price.

But there’s more to it than just pricing. Some companies may not have the right equipment to clean something that’s too large. It also can make it take much longer if the task is larger than expected.

cleaning service

Because of this, you should make sure that the company you’re hiring can handle a property of your size. It’s especially important if your property is an office with multiple floors and a huge amount of space. These wooden floors can take several days to clean.

For most homes, a smaller team would work much better. The larger the area, the more time you should expect it to take. Naturally, you should expect an increase in the price as well.

Additional Cleaning Services

There’s more to cleaning your wood floors than just vacuuming and moving on. If it was that simple, why would you bother hiring someone in the first place?

A deep cleaning of your wood flooring is an intensive and specialized task that requires certain tools. More than that, the cleaners you hire may offer additional services.

Some companies may include waxing, sealing, or coating in their services. These layers can help protect your wooden flooring and keep it clean longer. Consider the price of these extra services in your final charge.

Compare Cost of Keeping Clean Wood Floors

Whether you’re in your home or your multi-floor office, it’s important to have clean wood floors. The right janitorial service will provide you with a price that fits your budget and additional services to keep your floor healthy and safe.

For more information on picking the best cleaning service, feel free to contact us. You can also browse our website to learn more.


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