How Much Does Monthly Cleaning Cost for an Office?

When you’re trying to make your business the best place to work, cleanliness is one of the best ways to make it happen. Professional cleaning services make up a more than $1 billion industry in the United States. You’ll be better able to keep your office sparkling clean when you have access to pros that can address this work for you.

One of the first measures to take is understanding how much these cleaning services will cost you. This way, you can budget however you need to.

Compare Commercial Cleaning Costs

Keep reading so that you can look into getting monthly cleaning for your office.


How Much Does Monthly Office Cleaning Services Cost?

First, you’ll need to get an idea of how much office cleaning services will cost you. Basic janitorial cleanings cost $100 to $200 per month, while more in-depth services cost as much as $2,000 monthly. Companies that provide these services will draw up a contract so that you can fit it into your budget each month.

Get the contract in writing so that you know how the company charges its fees.

What Kind of Cleaning Service Do You Need?

Next, you must factor in the type of cleaning work that you’ll need for your company. By assessing the size of your building, the nature of your work, and other factors, you’ll have an easier time finding the right fit.

Here are some of the cleaning services that you might consider:

  • Regular floor cleanings, including sweeping, mopping, waxing, and vacuuming
  • Dumping the trash and managing your recycling
  • Taking care of thorough bathroom cleaning
  • Washing windows and glass doors
  • Tidying messy areas of the office

Knowing what kind of cleaning services you need will help you match up with the best cleaning pros, under terms that’ll serve you.

How Do Office Cleaning Services Differ From House Cleaning?

Working with a company that offers janitorial service requires you to take a detailed approach to knowing the kind of work they offer. A commercial contractor differs from a house cleaning service in some ways.

Office Cleaning Cost

Janitorial service pros that handle office buildings will typically use commercial-grade cleaning supplies and will staff multiple professionals per project. They’ll typically use industrial solvents, will replenish your bathroom and office kitchens, and may even handle work like power washing.

How Can You Get Quotes?

Make sure that you look into getting some quotes on any sort of cleaning service that you need. The professionals will take inventory of the work you need and the size of the office to factor in the cost.

For instance, a 1,000-square-foot office will have different prices than a 10,000-square-foot office. The company that you consult with will explain their rates so that you’re clear on the service before signing off on it. Once you have your quotes lined up, you’ll be better able to budget for the work and tackle this expense each month.

Get about three to five different cleaning service price quotes so that you can handle the planning and budget strategically.


What Supplies Are Involved?

If you’re going to hire the help of a janitorial company, you should know what kinds of supplies they use. Study the line of products that they clean with, and look into the ingredients list.

Janitorial Service Bids

Many companies today are starting to lean toward eco-friendly supplies because they clean without being harsh or leaving chemical remnants. Find out what kinds of mops they use, and whether or not they use industrial-strength vacuums. The types of supplies that they use are every bit as important as the proficiency of the company, so factor this into your decision-making.

What Should You Look for in a Cleaning Company?

It’ll take some extensive research to make sure that you’re able to find the best professionals available. You’ll want to look into the help of companies that’ll satisfy the following:

  • A strong reputation in the community
  • Solid referrals from other businesses in the area
  • Professionals that show up on time and keep a consistent schedule
  • Flexibility in handling emergencies
  • Professionalism in conduct and presentation

Do your due diligence when you’re trying to find the best company so that you can lock in the best rates and a commitment from professionals that are great at what they do. Ask professionals in your network which companies they hire for their janitorial services so that you’re able to trust their reputation and capability.

Does Your Company Have Any Specialty Needs?

Professional companies might also have some specialties that they focus on. Figure out what sort of needs your business has so that you can add them to your contract.

Here are some special needs that companies often seek:

  • Cleaning pavement, parking lots, and other hardscapes
  • Taking care of upholstery cleaning
  • Regular cleanings for different types of tile and other structures
  • Cleaning specific commercial businesses, such as hotels, hospitals, or retail spaces
  • Services for emergency cleanings

Manage the care of your business by making sure that you cover all your bases.

Find the Best Cleaning Service

The tips above will help you find the monthly cleaning service that you need. When you work with the right pros, you’ll never have to worry about whether your business is clean and will give your employees a healthy and sanitary place to work.

We’re happy to point you toward some credible options once you’re ready to search. Take the time to get office cleaning quotes online so that we can match you with the services that you need.


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