How Much Does House Cleaning Services Cost in Delaware?

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Use this calculator to find out how much house cleaning services cost in Delaware. America’s trusted cost guide for janitorial services.

House Cleaning Cost Calculator

Residential Janitorial Service Prices

Average House Cleaning Cost in Delaware

House Size – Square Feet Average Cost 
0–1,000 sq. ft $143–$229
1,001–2,000 sq. ft $148–$253
2,001–4,000 sq. ft $160–$190

Average House Cleaning Prices and Rates. The average hourly rate for house cleaning services in Delaware is $41 to $75 per employee or $74 to $124 per hour. The square footage of your home and the cleaning services needed will drive the actual price of these services. Popular cleaning services include:

  • Floor Cleaning, Vacuuming, Moping
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Window Washing
  • Laundry Services
  • Kitchen and Appliance Cleaning
  • Trash Removal
  • Baseboard Cleaning


Cost to Clean 1200 Sq Foot House

Cost to Clean 1500 Sq Foot House

Cost to Clean 2000 Sq Foot House

Cost to Clean 2500 Sq Foot House

Cost to Clean 3000 Sq Foot House

Cost to Clean 4000 Sq Foot House

A Closer Look at House Cleaning Costs in Delaware

As someone with direct experience in the home improvement industry, I’ve seen firsthand how the cost of house cleaning can vary. In Delaware, there are a few key factors to consider when estimating the cost. Let’s dive in and get a better understanding of what you can expect.

The Basics of House Cleaning Pricing

The price of house cleaning can depend on a variety of elements. This can include the size of your house, the number of rooms, and the specific type of cleaning service you require. For instance, a deep cleaning service can cost more than a regular cleaning routine.

Size and Condition of Your Home

Generally, the larger the house, the higher the cleaning cost. But, the condition of your house also plays a role. A house that has been regularly cleaned will typically cost less to clean than a house that hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Let’s imagine it as trying to clean a mildly dusty shelf versus a shelf that’s been gathering dust for years – which one do you think would take more time and effort?

Types of Cleaning Services

  • Regular Cleaning: This involves basic cleaning tasks like vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. In Delaware, you can expect this service to range from $100 to $150 for a two-bedroom house.
  • Deep Cleaning: This is a more thorough service, covering areas not typically included in a regular cleaning. This might cost between $200 and $400, depending on the size and condition of the house.

Making the Most of Your Cleaning Budget

Does the cost of house cleaning seem a bit steep? Don’t worry, there are ways to get the most out of your budget. For example, having a regular cleaning schedule can reduce long-term costs by keeping your home in good condition. Think of it this way, would you rather pay for a quick repair now, or a costly overhaul later?

Ask for Customized Services

Most cleaning services in Delaware offer customized cleaning plans. This means you can choose to clean only certain parts of your house, thereby controlling the cost. Just remember, the more specific you are about your needs, the better they can provide a service that matches your budget.

Consider Cleaning Packages

Many companies offer cleaning packages that bundle several services together for a discounted rate. So, instead of thinking of them as a luxury, consider these packages as a smart way to stretch your dollars further.

What Type of Solution Do You Need?

Commercial Offices

Building Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning

Car Dealerships

Health Club/Gym Cleaning

Dental Office Cleaning

Hotel Cleaning

Bank Cleaning

In conclusion, the cost of house cleaning in Delaware can depend on several factors, but with a little savvy, you can find ways to get a clean home without breaking the bank. So, ready to roll up those sleeves and dive into the world of house cleaning?

POPULAR CITIES SERVED: Wilmington, DE; Dover, DE; Newark; DE; Middletown, DE

Calculate the Delaware House Cleaning Cost by Cleaning Type

Cleaning Service Cleaning Cost
Bathroom Scrubbing & Cleaning $0.11–$0.21 per sq. ft
Floor Vacuuming & Shampooing $0.09–$0.15 per sq. ft
Kitchen & Appliance Cleaning $0.27–$1.01 per sq. ft
Baseboard Cleaning $0.08–$0.17 per sq. ft
Window Cleaning $1.75–$3.00 per window

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