How Much Does House Cleaning Services Cost in Fullerton, CA?

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In general, house cleaning services in Fullerton, CA will cost between $114-$244, or $0.09-$0.15 per square foot, with the actual cost being determined by services required. Janitorial Service Bids has all the answers to your home cleaning needs.

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Average House Cleaning Cost in Fullerton, CA

House Size – Square Feet Average Cost 
0–1,000 sq. ft $152–$242
1,001–2,000 sq. ft $154–$258
2,001–4,000 sq. ft $173–$321

Reliable House Cleaners in Fullerton, CA

C&C House Cleaning
645 W Walnut Ave
Fullerton, CA 92833

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McKee Cleaning Co.
1608 Picadilly Way
Fullerton, CA 92833

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Mamas House Cleaning
1606 W Roberta Ave
Fullerton, CA 92833

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Orange County Maid Service & House Cleaners
1353 E Center St
Anaheim, CA 92805

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Zip Codes Served: 90621, 90631, 92801, 92805, 92806, 92821, 92831, 92832, 92833, 92835, 92870

A Deep Dive into House Cleaning Costs in Fullerton, CA

If you’ve ever wondered, “How much does it cost to have your house professionally cleaned in Fullerton, CA?” I’m here to break it down for you. As someone who has extensive experience in the home improvement industry, I’ve got the inside scoop. And guess what? It’s not as pricey as you might think!

The Average Cost of House Cleaning

In Fullerton, like many places, house cleaning costs can vary. However, on average, you can expect to pay between $100 and $200 for a professional cleaning service. Factors like the size of your home, the level of cleaning needed, and frequency can affect the price. Think about it: a larger home requires more time and resources to clean than a smaller one, right? And a deep clean will definitely cost more than a light dusting.

  • Size of your home: The bigger your house, the higher the cost. For example, a 1,000-square-foot home may cost around $80 to $150, while a 3,000-square-foot home might set you back $150 to $250.
  • Level of cleaning: A standard clean can cost around $100 to $200, whereas a deep clean can range from $200 to $400.
  • Frequency: If you schedule regular cleanings, many cleaning services offer discounts. You might pay $100 for a one-time service, but if you opt for weekly cleanings, it could drop to around $80.

Why You Should Consider Professional House Cleaning

Now you might be thinking, “Is it really worth spending money on professional house cleaning?” As someone who’s seen the pros in action, I’d say, absolutely! Imagine coming home to a spotlessly clean house, and all you did was make a phone call. Isn’t that a sight for sore eyes (and tired hands)?

  1. Time-Saving: A professional cleaner can do in a few hours what might take you an entire day. Time is money, after all.
  2. Expertise: Professionals have the right tools and know-how to handle even the trickiest of spots. They’ll likely clean areas you might overlook.
  3. Health: Regular deep cleaning eliminates allergens, leading to improved indoor air quality. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air?

What Type of Solution Do You Need?

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Building Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning

Car Dealerships

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Dental Office Cleaning

Hotel Cleaning

Bank Cleaning

In conclusion, hiring a professional cleaning service in Fullerton, CA, might be more of an investment than an expense. It buys you time, ensures a thorough clean, and enhances your home’s health. It’s like giving your home a spa day—sounds luxurious, doesn’t it?

Keep the Environment Clean

Fullerton, California is known for its temperatures and rain. The average annual rainfall in Fullerton measures 14 inches. August sees an average high temperature of 86 °F which is the hottest month for this city. December on the other hand has lows dropping down into the 40s on average. These extreme temperatures can certainly have an impact on the local environment.

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