How Much Does House Cleaning Services Cost in Springfield, MA?

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In general, house cleaning services in Springfield, MA will cost between $114-$243, or $0.09-$0.15 per square foot, with the actual cost being determined by services required. Janitorial Service Bids has all the answers to your home cleaning needs.

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Average House Cleaning Cost in Springfield, MA

House Size – Square Feet Average Cost 
0–1,000 sq. ft $153–$243
1,001–2,000 sq. ft $153–$256
2,001–4,000 sq. ft $174–$322

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533 Belmont Ave
Springfield, MA 01108

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14 Berbay Cir
Springfield, MA 01109

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Springfield, MA 01104

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303 Springfield St
Agawam, MA 01001

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Zip Codes Served: 01013, 01020, 01103, 01104, 01105, 01106, 01107, 01108, 01109, 01118, 01119, 01128, 01129, 01151, 01199

A Deeper Dive into House Cleaning Costs in Springfield, MA

Ever wonder about the factors affecting house cleaning costs in Springfield, MA? As someone who’s been on the contractor side of the home improvement game, I can share a few insights that might surprise you. Why does it matter? Well, because knowing the cost breakdown can help you budget for a cleaner home.

1. Size of Your Home

The first thing that’s often considered is the size of your home. It’s simple, really – larger homes require more time and resources to clean, thus driving up the costs. Are you living in a cozy two-bedroom or sprawling six-bedroom mansion? This difference can significantly impact your house cleaning costs.

2. Cleaning Frequency

How often do you need your home cleaned? Is it a one-time deep clean or do you prefer regular weekly visits? The frequency of cleaning is another major factor affecting costs. Some services offer discounts for regular clients, meaning you could save more in the long run with a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.

More Factors to Consider

Now, you’re getting the hang of it. But let’s take a step further. What else might be hiding in those house cleaning quotes?

3. Type of Cleaning

General cleaning includes sweeping, mopping, dusting, and so on. But what if your home needs a bit more love? Deep cleaning, move-out cleaning, or event cleanups can cost a tad more due to the extra labor and materials involved. This is similar to ordering a specialty pizza instead of the plain cheese – it’s just got more ingredients, right?

4. Special Requests

Got any special requests? Need the cleaners to use hypoallergenic products because of allergies, or want them to pay extra attention to certain areas? While many cleaning companies are happy to accommodate these, remember they might come with additional costs.

What Type of Solution Do You Need?

Commercial Offices

Building Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning

Car Dealerships

Health Club/Gym Cleaning

Dental Office Cleaning

Hotel Cleaning

Bank Cleaning

Ultimately, house cleaning costs in Springfield, MA can vary greatly, but being aware of these factors can give you an edge when budgeting or negotiating prices. After all, who doesn’t love a clean home that doesn’t break the bank?

Keep the Environment Clean

The city of Springfield in Massachusetts gets an average of 46 inches of rain every year and experiences all four seasons. Summers are hot with the highs staying in the 80s and 90s. Winters are cold with the lows staying well below freezing. These extreme temperatures can certainly have an impact on the local environment.

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